Traditional. Honest. Sustainable. The meat in our butchery is rooted to this land. This place.

The free range cattle, pigs and sheep you see in the counter are raised on the very land that surrounds the Larder. When not grazing in the fields, their diet is supplemented with grains and pulses grown on the farm. We tend and care for these beasts at every stage of life, resulting in excellent animal welfare. But, as ever, the proof of the steak is in the eating. Happy animals simply taste better!

These happy beasts get the respect they deserve in our traditional butchery. Dealing with whole carcasses takes considerable strength, knowledge, and knife skills. It also ensures that we have total control over what ends up in our counter.

We dry age our beef for a minimum of 28 days, often longer, to really do justice to the quality of the meat. We keep wastage to a minimum by producing our own black pudding, white pudding, outstanding sausages, and award winning haggis. 

In the mood for something a little different? Following the seasons, our wide variety of game is sustainably sourced from the farm, surrounding farms, and the Isle of Mull.

The butchery, the heart of the shop, is a constantly busy place!