Pillar Candles


These classic cream coloured, unscented pillar candles are hand poured using the highest quality blended mineral wax and vegetable oils and a natural cotton wick. They make a beautiful centrepiece, especially when paired with a range of sizes. Enjoy the easy neutral colour and superior burn for hours and hours.

Sold in singles. Available in 4 sizes:

  • 3"wide x 4"high - 64 hour burn time
  • 3"wide x 8"high - 100 hour burn time
  • 4"wide x 5"high - 100 hour burn time
  • 4"wide x 12"high - 160 hour burn time

To get the best out of your pillar candles, keep the wick trimmed to about ¼” to prevent smoke and soot particles.

Please practice safe burning. Never leave your candles burning unattended.

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